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Meetings And Organisations


8th Industry Meeting of TKYD

Senior managers from the Capital Markets Board (SPK), Istanbul Stock Exchange, Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (TAKASBANK), Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB), Capital Markets Licensing Registry Keeping and Training Organization (SPL), Pension Monitoring Center (EGM), Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), Portfolio Management Companies, Investment Companies and Pension Companies as well as two experts of the subject from each of the World Bank and Allianz Global Investors have participated to the meeting.

Private Sector Debt Instruments Seminar

At the “Private Sector Debt Instruments Seminar” which took place with the participation of the Capital Markets Board (SPK) and İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. (İş Investment Securities) on 11 March 2016, the subject was dealt with from different perspectives. The speakers at the meeting which was held at the Turkish Capital Markets Association were Erman Çete from the Capital Markets Board’s Corporate Finance Department, Nükhet Sadi from the Corporate Investors Department and Alper Onar from the Legal Affairs Department, and Başak Selçuk from the Corporate Financing Department of İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş.


Turkish Funds Platform (TEFAS) "Opportunities and New Initiatives” Panel – 5 February 2015

Turkish Funds Platform (TEFAŞ) which started a new epoch in the capital markets was comprehensively discussed at the panel organized with the cooperation of TKYD and the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB) at Sabancı Congress Center on 5 February 2015. It was stated at the panel that TEFAS was expected to bring dynamism to the portfolio management industry and that TEFAS would also increase profitability, ease distribution works, grow the funds market, increase the asset sale agreements, boost the synergy, highlight the organizations providing financial advice, and bring forward the investments with funds basket and multi-portfolio managers. The meeting was also participated by the Capital Markets Board Chairman Dr. Vahdettin ERTAŞ and Takasbank General Manager Murat ULUS.

TKYD XVI. General Assembly Meeting - 26 February 2015

Turkish Institutional Investment Managers Association (TKYD) convened its 2015 General Assembly meeting in February 2015. The members base which means the number of persons that join the Association has been expanded in the meeting through an amendment in the bylaw of the Association. As in the past, TKYD will continue working for assuring the unity in the industry from now on too. In order to lead the change in capital markets, the Association will give particular importance on communication and perception management. It will accelerate its efforts to increase the trainings/seminars and the level of professional knowledge in general to fortify the awareness and appetite for investment and saving in our country. Generalization of the occupational rules and ethical principles for enhancing the professionalism in the industry by giving weight to the training, development and information activities at all industry arrangements will be one of the main subjects of action in the road maps determined for the first six months.

Dinner Meeting of the Industry Participated also by EFAMA Chairman - 21 April 2015

At the dinner meeting where it was underlined that the strong economy was only possible with a “Strong Portfolio Management Industry”, European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) President Christian Dargnat came together with the executives of the finance industry at Feriye Restaurant and made a presentation. “The Significance of the European Portfolio Management

BIST-KYD Indices Cooperation Agreement - 29 April 2015

A cooperation agreement was signed between TKYD and Istanbul Exchange (BIST) at a ceremony held at Istanbul Stock Exchange on 29 April 2015, and accordingly KYD indices were started to be calculated by BIST under the name of BIST-KYD indices starting from 1 July 2015. Formulation of new indices will be decided by a committee, which will be established by BIST and TKYD and which will meet periodically, considering the needs of the collective investment undertakings market.

EFAMA Board of Directors and General Assembly Meetings - 18-20 June 2015

Alexander Schindler was elected as the President of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) at the meeting held in Lisbon. Schindler was a Board Member of EFAMA since May 2012 and he was acting as the Vice President since 2013. At EFAMA General Assembly meeting, TKYD was represented by the President Dr. Alp KELER and the General Coordinator Dr. Cüneyt DEMİRKAYA. EFAMA 2016 General Assembly meeting is planned to be held at Istanbul Swissotel on 15 to 17 June.

Visit to SPK President Dr.Vahdettin Ertaş - 11 August 2015

In order to assess the Portfolio Management Industry and give information about the activities of TKYD, the members of the TKYD Board of Directors paid a visit to Capital Markets Board (SPK) President Dr. Vahdettin ERTAŞ at SPK’s Istanbul Office on 11 August 2015. At the agenda of the meeting were Turkish Funds Platform (TEFAS), investment funds, financial literacy, etc.

Dinner Meeting on “Political and Cultural Dynamics Determining the Politics” - 14 September 2015

At the dinner meeting held with the participation of the representatives from the portfolio management industry at Bosporus University Graduates Association (BÜMED) on 14 September 2015, KONDA General Manager Bekir Ağırdır made a presentation on the latest developments.

Portfolio Management Industry Reaches TL 100 billion and Its Contribution to Turkish Economy - 8 December 2015

The panel named “The Portfolio Management Industry Reaches TL 100 billion and Its Contribution to Turkish Economy” was held at Grand Hyatt Istanbul on 08 December. A total of 330 people joined the meeting including Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet ŞİMŞEK, Capital Markets Board President Dr.Vahdettin ERTAŞ, Istanbul Stock Exchange General Manager Tuncay DİNÇ, Takasbank General Manager Murat ULUS as well as many top executives of the public and private sector organizations. TEFAS’s promotion film made its debut at the meeting. At the meeting, TKYD President Dr. Alp KELER told his suggestions and expectations about the portfolio management industry. Deputy Prime Minister Ahmet Şimşek and Capital Markets Board President Dr. Vahdettin ERTAŞ gave 14 awards to various organizations and persons.

TKYD Traditional New Year Cocktail - 22 December 2015
Traditional New Year cocktail held by TKYD every year took place at Şans Restaurant with participation of the industry participants this year.

TKYD-Sponsored Meetings

TKYD was among the sponsors of the Turkish Private Pension Savings Panel organized by CFA Society Istanbul on 2 September 2015, Capital Markets Congress on 15-17 October and Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Turkey Conference held on 11-12 November 2015.