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Vision, Mission and Main Targets


To make the Turkish capital markets an attraction center via the collective investment enterprises.


  • To expand the corporate and individual investment base,
  • To become an organization whose opinion is taken by the relevant public authorities in the context of all regulations relevant with the subject of its activity, and for this purpose;
  • To make periodical visits to the regulatory and inspection bodies; to communicate the problems and expectations of the industry to such bodies and to share the feedback of these interviews with the industry,
  • To carry out educational and promotional activities for the purpose of developing the Collective Investment Undertakings and Portfolio Management Industry, to improve the culture of investment and the investors, to conduct works with similar international organizations, to hold periodical organizations such as meetings, panels and workshops for realizing these purposes,
  • To provide support for the promotion and efficient use of Turkish Funds Platform (TEFAS).

Main Targets

  • To grow the Portfolio Management Industry / GNP ratio to about 20% (USD 150 billion) in a term 5 years from about the present level of 6.0 percent,
  • To reach 10,000,000 investors.

Six Priority Areas of Focus for TKYD

  1. Protection of Investors
    TKYD contributes to the formation of a balanced and efficient regulation to protect the investors. It takes steps to achieve the security of the investors by ensuring the generalization of high ethical standards and professionalism. It organizes works to increase the financial literacy and awareness.
  2. Development of Industry Standards
    TKYD conducts activities in order to highlight our country’s asset management & fund management industry in international arena. It makes efforts to position our industry more competitively within the capital markets of our country. It carries out training, development and information activities on the subject of professional standards.
  3. Development of Capital Markets
    Development of Capital Markets and Institutional Investors is the principal duty of TKYD. It takes action on the subject of increasing the liquidity contributing the transparency in Capital Markets. It targets the establishment of investment products in international standards and realization of the strategies by the investors clearly.
  4. Research Activities and Statistical Data
    TKYD is the main source of statistical data for the Portfolio Management Industry. Preparing the Institutional Investment Managers’ indices (KYD indices) is the principal duty of KYD. It helps the delivery of the related data to the industry efficiently and on time. It supports any and all academic and professional works aimed at the development of the industry.
  5. 5. Increasing the Long Term Savings
    TKYD targets the establishment of the long term investment perception and supports all steps taken to this end. It conducts works on the subject of spreading the Individual Pension System to wider populations and making it obligatory. It creates awareness on the subject of financing the private pension in the public as the life expectancy gets longer.
  6. Taxation
    TKYD plays an active role for ensuring that taxation contributes the development of financial markets and supports the fund investors and long-term savers.