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TKYD Management

image description Alp Keler is the Chief Executive Officer of Ak Asset Management Inc. since 2011. Prior to his present position, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortis Investments Turkey between 2006-2011. He also served as a board member of ABN AMRO Asset Management Inc. in Hong Kong between 2009-2010. Before joining Fortis Investments Turkey, he was the Chief Investment Officer of Koc Asset Management between 2002-2006. Prior to that, he had worked in several positions as a portfolio manager. He graduated from TED Ankara College. He received his BSc. Degree from METU Civil Engineering Department and he consecutively received an MBA from Bilkent University, the Master of Law in Economics (LLM) from Galatasaray University and PhD in banking from Marmara University. He served as a lecturer in Marmara University Institute of Banking and Insurance between 2008-2011. He is the Chairman of TKYD (Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association), a board member in EFAMA (European Fund and Asset Management Association), a board member in TSPB (Turkish Capital Markets Association), a board member in SPL (Capital Markets Licencing Registration and Training Agency) and former president of CFA Society of Istanbul.
image description Halim Çun is presently the General Manager and Board member of Gedik Asset Management . Halim Çun started his career at Dünya Newspaper, as the manager of Foreign News Department in 1984. Later, he continued his career in the financial sector and joined Dışbank (later named Fortisbank) as senior analyst. Then he joined Sabanci Holding - one of the Turkey’s largest conglomerates- in 1987 and worked in Planning and Investments Department , participated in various projects and held several positions. In 1998 he became the founding general manager of Ak Investment Fund, and later in 2000 he founded Ak Asset Management , which is an affiliate of Akbank where he worked as General Manager for six years. During his tenure, he also worked in the Steering Committee for the establishment of Akbank’s pension company and pension funds during 2002- 2003 and in the marketing committee for distribution of financial products within the Group . Then he joined Gedik Investment Securities, worked for he restructuring of the fund management business within the Company, and later established Gedik Asset Management in 2008. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Turkish Institutional Investment Managers Association since 2002. Halim Çun was graduated from Bosphorus University and he received his BA degree in Business Administration from Bosphorus University.
image description Selim Yazici is the CEO of TEB AM. He joined the Company in 2012 and worked as the CIO until November 2014. Previously, he managed the institutional equity brokerage business of the TEB/BNP Paribas Group in Istanbul. He has been in the Turkish financial industry since 1996, most of the time as a senior banking sector analyst. He worked in various locations including New York and London and in companies including Lehman Brothers, Nomura International and Unicredit MIB. Mr.Yazici holds an MSc. in Economics and Finance from University of Warwick and BSc. in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.
image description Alim Telci was born in Istanbul in 1969. After completing his high school education at Şişli Terakki High School, he went on to graduate from the Business Administration department of Marmara University. He completed his MBA at The American University, Washington D.C. Kogod College of Business Administration, specializing in Finance. In 1995, he began his professional career at Finansbank as a Banking Analyst. He later went on to work in a Manager capacity at Sabancı Holding, Eczacıbaşı Securities, Ulusal Invest and Raymond James Securities. Between 2001 – 2006 he worked as the Director of the Asset Management department of Ak Asset Management. Between 2006 – 2007 he worked as the Director of the Research Department at Ak Invest, followed by various positions in Unicorn Capital, such as Head of Research, Head of Asset Management, Strategist and Deputy General Manager. After a short period at Halk Invest between January and June 2011 as Director of Asset Management, he was assigned as General Manager of the newly established Halk Asset Management in July 2011. Since April 2014 he also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. He has the Level 3 and Derivatives Licenses from the Capital Markets Board.
image description Emir Alpay is the CEO and the Board Member of Yapı Kredi Asset Management and he joined the company in 2013. He began his career in the treasury department of Kocbank in 1997. Between 1997-1998 he served in Money market desk, after 1999 served as a senior dealer in Fixed Income Desk. From 2006, he served as manager in Institutional Sales Department, and worked as director in the same department. In 2011, he worked as group manager of FX and Derivatives Market. Emir Alpay had an MBA from University of  North London Uluslararası İşletme (MAIB) in 1997, and a BS in Business Administration from Istanbul University.
image description Mahmut Kaya is the CEO and Deputy Chairman at Garanti Asset Management. Mr.Kaya joined Garanti Asset Management in February 2013 as Chief Investment Officer. Prior to that he had been the Executive Vice President in charge of Research at Garanti Securities. He began his equity research career at ING Barings in London where he worked as equity analyst in 1995-1997. He then moved to ING Barings' Istanbul office to work as senior equity analyst. In 1998 he joined Santander Investment to cover industrial stocks. The following year he started his Garanti career as Head of Research at Garanti Securities. Mr. Kaya has an MBA degree from London Business School and a BSc in engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University. Experience: 22 years
image description HSBC Global Asset Management'ın Türkiye'deki portföy yönetimi faaliyetlerinden sorumlu yöneticisi olan Namik Aksel, 2008 yılından bu yana HSBC Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.'nin Genel Müdür'ü olarak görev yapmaktadır. Namik Aksel is the Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Asset Management, Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Namik is responsible for the whole range of asset management activities of HSBC in Turkey where he oversees more than USD 1.5 billion of funds. Namık has joined HSBC Asset Management in 2004 and has been working in the financial industry since 1993. Before joining HSBC Asset Management, Namik was the chief investment officer and assistant general manager at Yapi Kredi Asset Management where he was responsible for the management of USD 2 billion of assets. Namik holds a BA in Business Administration from Bogazici University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School-GMP. He is a board member of the Turkish Institutional Investment Managers Association and is a member of the Board of Auditors at the Turkish Capital Markets Association.
image description Mr. Tevfik Eraslan is İş Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer. He previously led the Pension Fund Department overseeing the management of pension funds. Tevfik Eraslan currently serves as the Chairman of Turkisfund (SICAV) established in Luxemburg and is the member of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-Luxembourg Business Council. Prior to joining İş Asset Management, he carried managerial responsibilities at the Treasury Department of international financial institution from 1995 to 2001. In 2001, he joined İş Asset Management as an assistant manager. Subsequently, Mr. Eraslan served as the Division Head of Pension Funds Department and in 2013 he was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer of Is Asset Management. He attended in many executive programs from Pension Fund Management Seminars at The Wharton School of Economics and Global Asset Management Program at CFA Institute to Essentials of Management Program at the Colombia University. Mr. Eraslan holds a bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Economics from Istanbul University and a master’s degree in Capital Markets from the same university. He is the author of many articles on economics, finance, capital markets and pension funds. He is married with two children.
image description He is a graduate from Anadolu University, Department of Economics and hold a Master Degree in Business Administration from Gazi University. He worked as a Manager at various levels in Şekerbank T.A.Ş. during the years between 1989 and 1997. He has been concurrently serving as the Ge­neral Manager and a Member of the Board of Directors of Şeker Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. since 1997.
image description Hakan Eryılmaz was born in 1972 and graduated from Orta Doğu Teknik University, Faculty of Statistics. Subsequently, he received his Master’s degree in Finance and Banking from Yeditepe University. He began his professional career in 1995 at Yapı Kredi Bank, worked as Treasury Manager at Bnp-Ak-Dresdner Bank and Assistant General Manager at İstanbul Asset Management Company. Eryılmaz has become General Manager of Ziraat Asset Management Company in 2013 and has been appointed as also Board Member in june 2014.
image description Murat Gülkan is the Managing Director at ÜNLÜ Portfolio Management. He joined the company in mid-2012 and led its transformation into a leading independent asset management firm. Prior to ÜNLÜ Portfollio Management, he was a Managing Partner at Arma Capital in Istanbul from 2009 to 2012. Murat joined Bender Securities in Istanbul as a founding partner in 1996 and played a number of roles until the firm’s acquisition by Deutsche Bank in 2005. He established the research department and acted as country strategist until 2008, set up the firm’s equity derivatives business (which to date remains Deutsche Bank’s most profitable business in Turkey), and was involved in originating and placing numerous ECM deals. After Bender’s acquisition Murat worked for Deutsche Bank in London as Co –Head of European Emerging Markets. He left DB in mid 2008 to start a buy-side firm in Istanbul. Murat Gülkan holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU) and an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans. He also holds Level 3 (advanced) and Equity Derivatives Licenses from Capital Markets Board (CMB) of Turkey
image description Avsar is currently General Manager and Board Member of Bizim Portfoy Yonetimi A.S., an asset management company fully subsidized by Bizim Menkul Degerler A.S., a brokerage and investment company well-known with its pioneering in investment services and products exclusively tailored to non-interest banks in Turkey. As an asset and investment fund manager, responsible of design, establishment and operations of the first investment funds and other products marketed to non-interest banking clients, including the World’s first Islamic Market exchange traded fund and Turkey's first local compliant equity index. Originally an aeronautical engineer, began his career in finance as a research associate in an investment firm. With over 19 years of capital markets experience, has held many positions including sell-side research analyst, corporate finance specialist, head of research, buy-side research analyst, fund portfolio trader, fund manager, and director of asset management. Currently working on new investment product development and standardization for non-interest investment in Turkey. He has an MBA degree in finance, lives in Istanbul and is married with two children.
image description Mr. Arabacıoğlu was born in 1966 and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences. Subsequently, he received an M.A. in International Banking and Finance From Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He began his Professional career in 1988 for Deloitte Touche-Auditor and joined Denizİnvest Securities in 1999. Mr. Arabacıoğlu has served as General Manager at DenizPortfolio Management since June 2004.
image description Bengi Subaşı Gerçek, is presently Vice President of Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Products in Yapı Kredi Bank Private Banking and Wealth Management. Bengi Subaşı Gerçek graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration in 1997 and started her career in finance sector as a management trainee in Interbank. Between 1998 and 2001 she worked as Portfolio Manager in Inter Asset Management Company. Starting from 2001 she worked in Treasury, ICM and Corporate Finance departments of Iktisat Securities and Dundas Ünlü Securities respectively. In 2004 she joint Marketing and Product Management team of (former Koç) Yapı Kredi Asset Management. Since 2009 she is the Vice President of Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Products in Yapı Kredi Bank Private Banking and Wealth Management. Bengi Subaşı Gerçek is a member of TKYD Audit Committee since 2014.